Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lappet Moth: Trabala ganesha - Ngengat

Trabala ganesha_Ngengat_Moth
Trabala ganesha is a moth of the Lasiocampidae family.

The Lasiocampidae family of moths are also known as eggars, snout moths or lappet moths. There are over 2000 species worldwide, and probably not all have been named or studied.

Their common name 'snout moths' comes from their unique protruding mouth parts of some species that resemble a large nose. They are called 'lappet moths' due to the decorative skin flaps found on the caterpillar's prolegs. The name 'eggars' comes from the neat egg-shaped cocoons of some species.

Trabala ganesha is found in Sundaland.

The male is smaller than the female and is green with straight light lines on the wings. The female is more yellow and has a big brown spot on the wings. Furthermore, there is a dot in the center of the fore wings.

Moth is Ngengat in Indonesian. I found this yellow moth, female Trabala ganesha, on the floor of a gas station in Kampung Rambutan, East Jakarta. At first I thought it was dead, but when I took it, the moth moved and then flew.

Scientific Classification of  Lappet Moth: Trabala ganesha Ngengat
Domain Eukaryota Whittaker & Margulis, 1978 – eukaryotes / lifeforms with nucletic cells
Kingdom Animalia C. Linnaeus, 1758 – animals
Subkingdom Bilateria (Hatschek, 1888) Cavalier-Smith, 1983 – bilaterians
Branch Protostomia Grobben, 1908 – protostomes
Infrakingdom Ecdysozoa A.M.A. Aguinaldo et al., 1997 ex T. Cavalier-Smith, 1998 - ecdysozoans
Superphylum Panarthropoda Cuvier
Phylum Arthropoda Latreille, 1829 – arthropods
Subphylum Mandibulata Snodgrass, 1938
Infraphylum Atelocerata Heymons, 1901
Superclass Panhexapoda
Class Insecta C. Linnaeus, 1758 – insects
Subclass Dicondylia
Infraclass Pterygota - winged Insects
Superorder Panorpida
Order Lepidoptera C. Linnaeus, 1758 - butterflies, moths
Suborder Glossata
Infraorder Heteroneura
Superfamily Lasiocampoidea
Family Lasiocampidae Harris, 1841 - eggars, snout moths, lappet moths.
Subfamily Lasiocampinae Harris, 1841 - tent caterpillars
Genus Trabala Walker, 1856
Species T. ganesha
Botanical/Scientific name: Trabala ganesha Roepke, 1951

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Trabala ganesha_Ngengat_Moth 2
Photos of  Lappet Moth: Trabala ganesha – Ngengat were taken using a camera phone Sony Ericsson K800i in Kampung Rambutan, East Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Jason Ralls said...

Beautiful shots. I love moths, mostly because you almost never see the beautiful ones, though you know they're out there, fluttering about in the night.


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