Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bushbrown Butterfly: Mycalesis horsfieldi

Bushbrown butterfly_Mycalesis horsfieldi 1
I saw this butterfly in the backyard. After slowly approaching this beautiful butterfly, I finally managed to get some photos of this beautiful bushbrown butterfly.

Classification of Mycalesis horsfieldi (Bushbrown butterfly)
Natura - nature
Mundus Plinius - physical world
Naturalia - natural bodies
Domain Eukaryota Whittaker & Margulis, 1978 – eukaryotes (lifeforms with nucletic cells)
Kingdom Animalia C. Linnaeus, 1758 - animals
Subkingdom Bilateria (Hatschek, 1888) Cavalier-Smith, 1983 - bilaterians
Branch Protostomia Grobben, 1908 - protostomes
Infrakingdom Ecdysozoa A.M.A. Aguinaldo et al., 1997 ex T. Cavalier-Smith, 1998 - ecdysozoans
Superphylum Panarthropoda Cuvier
Phylum Arthropoda Latreille, 1829 - arthropods
Subphylum Mandibulata Snodgrass, 1938
Infraphylum Atelocerata Heymons, 1901
Superclass Panhexapoda
Epiclass Hexapoda Blainville, 1816
Class Insecta C. Linnaeus, 1758 - insects
Subclass Dicondylia
Infraclass Pterygota - Winged Insects
Division Neoptera Martynov, 1923
Subdivision Endopterygota
Superorder Panorpida
Order Lepidoptera C. Linnaeus, 1758 – butterflies and moths
Suborder Glossata
Cohort Myoglossata
Subcohort Neolepidoptera
Infraorder Heteroneura - a genus of Longhorned Beetles (Cerambycidae)
Division Ditrysia
Section Cossina
Subsection Bombycina
Superfamily Papilionoidea P.A. Latreille, [1802]
Series Papilioniformes P.A. Latreille, [1802]
Family Nymphalidae Rafinesque, 1815 - brush-footed butterflies
Subfamily Satyrinae [J.A.] Boisduval, [1833] – satyrs, wood-nymphs and Arctic Butterflies
Tribe Satyrini™ [J.A.] Boisduval, [1833]
Subtribe Mycalesina Reuter, 1896
Genus Mycalesis Hübner, 1818 - bushbrowns
species Mycalesis horsfieldi (Moore, 1892)
Bushbrown butterfly_Mycalesis horsfieldi 3
Bushbrown butterfly_Mycalesis horsfieldi 2
Camera: Sony Ericsson K800i
Location: Jonggol, West Java, Indonesia

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