Thursday, March 24, 2011

Butterfly pea: Centrosema pubescens (kacangan)

Centrosema pubescens
This butterfly pea grows on the sidewalk around the house in Jonggol.

Common names
English Bejuco De Chivo, Bejuco De Juventud, Butterfly Pea, Butterfly-Pea, Campanilla, Caracucha, Centro, Centrosema Petite Feuille, Choncho, Choreque De Culebra, Choreque Negro, Chorque, Conchitas, Cowitch, Cunha, Fleur Languette, Flor De Conchitas, Flor De Pito, Flor De Pito Blanco, Frijol Cuchillo, Jequirana, Jetirana, Patinho, Pois Hallier, Pois Razier, Pois Sauvage, Pois-Pois Marron, Snake Plant, Spurred Butterfly-Pea,
French Fleur-Languette, Pois B√Ętard
Indonesian Kacangan, kakacangan, kibesin
Spanish Frijol Cuchillo, Gallinita, Patillo
Scientific Centrosema pubescens Benth.
Synonym Bradburya pubescens (Benth.)kuntze
Synonym Centrosema ferrugineum A. Rich.
Synonym Centrosema intermedium A. Rich.
Synonym Centrosema salzmannii Benth.
Synonym Centrosema virginianum (L.)benth. , P. P.
Synonym Clitoria schiedeana Schltdl.

Classification of butterfly pea: Centrosema pubescens (kacangan)
Natura - nature
Mundus Plinius - physical world
Naturalia - natural bodies
Domain Eukaryota Whittaker & Margulis, 1978 – eukaryotes ( lifeforms with nucletic cells)
Kingdom Plantae Haeckel, 1866 - plants
Subkingdom Viridaeplantae Cavalier-Smith, 1981 - green plants
Phylum Tracheophyta Sinnott, 1935 ex Cavalier-Smith, 1998 - vascular plants
Subphylum Euphyllophytina
Infraphylum "Radiatopses" Kenrick & Crane, 1997
Class Magnoliopsida Brongniart, 1843 - Dicotyledons
(unranked) "eudicots" (Rosopsida)
(unranked) "core eudicots"
Subclass Rosidae Takhtajan, 1967
(unranked) "fabids"  
Order Fabales Bromhead, 1838
Family Fabaceae - Lindley, 1836 - Bean Family / legumes
Subfamily Faboideae Rudd
Tribe Phaseoleae
Subtribe Clitoriinae
Genus Centrosema (A.P. de Candolle) Bentham, 1837 - butterfly pea
Species Centrosema pubescens Benth.

Centrosema pubescens
Camera: Sony Ericsson K800i
Location: Jonggol, West Java, Indonesia

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birdy said...

The lavender colored flower of butterfly pea is looking stunning.

daisugi said...

thanks birdy, i think I'll take some photos of it again soon

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