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Pea Family Plant: Vegetable Hummingbird (Sesbania grandiflora) - Red Flower

Sesbania grandiflora_turi merah 22
Sesbania grandiflora (also known as agati, syn. Aeschynomene grandiflora) or hummingbird tree/scarlet wisteria is a small tree in the genus Sesbania. Sesbania is a genus of flowering plants in the pea family, Fabaceae and the only genus found in Tribe Sesbanieae.

It is believed to have originated either in India or Southeast Asia and grows primarily in hot and humid tropical areas of the world.

The flowers of S. grandiflora are eaten as a vegetable in Southeast Asia, like Laos, Thailand, Java in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Ilocos Region of the Philippines.

In Indonesia, it is known as Daun Turi, Kacang Turi, Kembang Turi, Turi, and commonly used, especially those who have red flowers like in this post, to treat sprue, dysentery, diarrhea, scabies, chicken pox, sprains, shock, whitish vaginal discharge, cough, beri-beri, headache, sore throat, puerperal fever, production of breast milk, runny nose, cough, rheumatism, wounds.

Besides the red, there are species of this hummingbird tree which has white flowers.

Sesbania grandiflora_turi merah 20Sesbania grandiflora_turi merah 17b

Scientific Classification of Vegetable Hummingbird (Sesbania grandiflora)
Kingdom Plantae Haeckel, 1866 – Plants
Subkingdom TracheobiontaVascular plants
Superdivision SpermatophytaSeed plants
Division (Phylum) Magnoliophyta - Cronquist, Takhtajan & W. Zimmermann, 1966 - Flowering Plants
Class Magnoliopsida Brongniart, 1843 - Dicotyledons
(unranked) eudicots
Subclass Rosidae - Takhtajan, 1967
Order Fabales Bromhead, 1838
Family Fabaceae lindl.– Pea family
Subfamily Faboideae Rudd
Tribe Sesbanieae
Genus Sesbania Scopoli, 1777, nom. cons. - Riverhemp
Species S. grandiflora
Botanical/Scientific name: Sesbania grandiflora (L.) Poiret – Vegetable Hummingbird
Synonym Agati grandiflora (L.) Desv.

Sesbania grandiflora_turi merah 12Sesbania grandiflora_turi merah 19Sesbania grandiflora_turi merah 16Sesbania grandiflora_turi merah 64Sesbania grandiflora_turi merah 63Sesbania grandiflora_turi merah 28
Sesbania grandiflora_turi merah 88Sesbania grandiflora_turi merah putih 36
Photos of Red Vegetable Hummingbird (Sesbania grandiflora) flowers were taken using a camera phone Sony Ericsson K800i in ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia (in my father-in-law’s front yard).

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