Friday, April 15, 2011

Pea Family Plant: Dwarf Red Powderpuff (Calliandra tergemina)

Calliandra tergemina_Kaliandra_Powderpuff Plant 05
Calliandra tergemina is a species of flowering plants of the genus Calliandra in the pea family, Fabaceae, subfamily Mimosoideae. Common names in English are Dwarf Red Powderpuff, Pink Powder Puff, Pink Powderpuff.

Genus Calliandra contains about 200 species that are native to tropical and subtropical regions of southern Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas.

The genus comprises herbaceous perennial plants, shrubs and rarely small trees growing 0.5–6 m tall, with bipinnate leaves. The flowers have numerous long slender stamens, and are produced in cylindrical or globose inflorescences; the stamens give rise to the common name of Powder-puff/ Powder puff Plant and Fairy Duster. These plants flower all year round.

In Indonesia, this plant is known as Kaliandra. And there are a few Powderpuff plants planted in the parking lot at an office near the home in Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta, Indonesia.
Calliandra tergemina_Kaliandra_Powderpuff Plant 07
Scientific Classification of Dwarf Red Powder Puff (Calliandra tergemina)
Kingdom Plantae Haeckel, 1866 – Plants
Subkingdom TracheobiontaVascular plants
Superdivision SpermatophytaSeed plants
Division (Phylum) Magnoliophyta - Cronquist, Takhtajan & W. Zimmermann, 1966 - Flowering Plants
Class Magnoliopsida Brongniart, 1843 - Dicotyledons
(unranked) eudicots
Subclass Rosidae - Takhtajan, 1967
Order Fabales Bromhead, 1838
Family Fabaceae lindl.– Pea family
Subfamily Mimosoideae DC.
Tribe Ingeae
Genus Calliandra - Benth. in Hook., Lond. J.Bot. 2:138. 1840. (conserved name). - Stickpea
Species C. tergemina (L.)Benth.
Botanical/Scientific name: Calliandra tergemina (L.)Benth.
Synonym Oxalis regnellii 

Calliandra tergemina_Kaliandra_Powderpuff Plant 01Calliandra tergemina_Kaliandra_Powderpuff Plant 02Calliandra tergemina_Kaliandra_Powderpuff Plant 09Calliandra tergemina_Kaliandra_Powderpuff Plant 12Calliandra tergemina_Kaliandra_Powderpuff Plant 08Calliandra tergemina_Kaliandra_Powderpuff Plant 10Calliandra tergemina_Kaliandra_Powderpuff Plant 06
Photos of Dwarf Red Powder Puff (Calliandra tergemina) flowers were taken using a camera phone Sony Ericsson K800i in Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta, Indonesia.

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