Saturday, April 23, 2011

Owlet Moth: Asota paphos leuconota

Asota paphos is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is found from the north-eastern Himalaya to Sundaland. The wingspan is 55-59 mm.

Diagnosis: The forewings are dark, almost bluish grey with the veins picked out in white and the dorsum more broadly white. The hindwings have a dark grey border with a zig-zag interior margin; basal to this border there is longitudinal dark grey marking.

The Javan race, Asota paphos leuconota Snellen (Indonesia (Java, Sumatra), Philippines), lacks the dark grey streaking basal to the hindwing border.

I found this moth on the wall near the backyard.

Scientific Classification of Owlet Moth: Asota paphos leuconota
Kingdom Animalia C. Linnaeus, 1758 – animals
Subkingdom Bilateria (Hatschek, 1888) Cavalier-Smith, 1983 – bilaterians
Branch Protostomia Grobben, 1908 – protostomes
Infrakingdom Ecdysozoa A.M.A. Aguinaldo et al., 1997 ex T. Cavalier-Smith, 1998 - ecdysozoans
Superphylum Panarthropoda Cuvier
Phylum Arthropoda Latreille, 1829 – arthropods
Subphylum Mandibulata Snodgrass, 1938
Infraphylum Atelocerata Heymons, 1901
Superclass Panhexapoda
Class Insecta C. Linnaeus, 1758 – insects
Subclass Dicondylia
Infraclass Pterygota - winged Insects
Superorder Panorpida
Order Lepidoptera C. Linnaeus, 1758 - butterflies, moths
Suborder Glossata
Infraorder Heteroneura
Superfamily Noctuoidea Latreille, 1809
Family Noctuidae Latreille, 1809 - Owlet Moths
Subfamily Aganainae
Genus Asota Hübner, [1819]
Species A. paphos
Botanical/Scientific name: Asota paphos (Fabricius, 1787)
               Synonym Noctua paphos Fabricius, 1787
Subspecies A. paphos leuconota
Botanical/Scientific name: Asota paphos leuconota (Snellen, 1892)

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Photos of  Owlet Moth: Asota paphos leuconota were taken using a camera phone Sony Ericsson K800i in Jonggol, West Java, Indonesia.

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Jason Ralls said...

Very nice photos as usual. It's amazing what you can do with a phone these days.

daisugi said...

yes you are right Jason, my phone has become an integral part of my life :-)

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