Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lalat Kebo or “Buffalo Fly”

lalat kebo 1One day, when I was in my father-in-law’s porch in Ponorogo (East Java, Indonesia), I felt something biting my leg. When I saw it, apparently a fly who bit my leg. My dad called it Lalat Kebo or  “buffalo fly”, a fly that bite and suck the blood of buffalo.

lalat kebo 3

lalat kebo 2

Photos of  Lalat Kebo or  “buffalo flywere taken using a camera phone Sony Ericsson K800i in Ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia.

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Jason Ralls said...

Wow, great stuff! Must be nice to live in a biodiversity hotspot.

roopa said...

Wow.Its looks really wonderful.Buffalo fly is a fly that bite and suck the blood of buffalo.Thanks for sharing.drupal web developer

Anonymous said...

Wow. He has such big eyes!

daisugi said...

You are right Jason Ralls, I feel blessed :-)

Thanks roopa and amatterofhowyouseeit for coming and comments :-)

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